Courage to Change - Seminars for Seniors to cope with loss and change
We all must remember times of uncertainity... times of challenge... times of wondering "what if"...
Imagine now...
           A time of letting go.
Grace, Good Wit and our own sense  & presence of God... got us through most of it... and here we are again... facing a final home, new friends, new food, new surroundings...and all these people to watch over us...
           Where am I ?    Who am
  Guided Imagery practitioner, Christine Vanacore, helps senior's  look at these questions from a place of reverence, a place of humor and  a place of honor, in her seminar's "Courage to Change"
Every Change brings it's own challenges, fears, self-doubts and perceived limitations. We all know that. We've all been there a few times in our lives...from letting go of mommies hand at kindergarten, going off to college or giving birth to our first child, change and uncertainty is a given...part of the plan. There is no escaping the ever looming  certainty ...of change.
Courage to Change is not as much about 'courage', as it is about self-empowered surrender.  When we can let go...surrender, breathe into our experiences...frightening or exhilarating as they may sometimes seem, a strange thing happens; an inner resolve, a stillness from deep within can manifests, and out of the chaos, can emerge  inner peace. Everyone has the ability to manifest peace . And a peaceful mind occupy's a more peaceful and ' pain managed ' body.  Not everyone however, has the knowledge  or has developed the 'practice' of how to access this God given ability.
                  That is what "Courage to Change" teaches
Letting go
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